1. Jefferson Davis’s grave (at Hollywood Cemetery)

  2. Morning in Richmond. (at Hollywood Cemetery)


  3. Two cheers for exit-as-threat, or dialectical lumpenconservatism


    I sure hope Elias Isquith is right about this:

    … the Tea Party’s philosophy of government (again, as understood by Salam) has embedded within it an aversion to basic democratic principles that goes far beyond a typical contempt for Washington, politicians and pundits. … He’s describing a childish and essentially anti-political belief that a return to an Articles of Confederation-style U.S. order…

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  5. "I myself have always been for a good stout Despotism — for governing Ireland like India."
    — J.S. Mill
  6. Porch brunch #bacon

  7. A brief programming interruption

    I know, I know, this is a place for very serious discussion. But Rob and I have been busy 


  8. "God doth but use and turn men’s unrighteous acts to the performance of His righteous decrees."
    —  Sir Robert Filmer

  9. Secession lagniappe


    Watching the Hawaiian restoration movement tell the Obama administration to take its ethno-satrapy proposal and shove it has been one of the more inspiring things to watch in a while:

    If the Department of Justice was unclear as to which constitutional power Congress exercised in 1898 when it purported to have annexed Hawaiian territory by joint resolution, it should still be unclear as to how…

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  10. Nationalize pop music!

    [Trigger warning]

    So a ‘cultural theorist’ walks into Trader Joe’s:

    As I was standing in line, I heard the jaunty marimba of the Rolling Stones’ 1966 smash hit, “Under My Thumb.” We’ve all heard the song 1,000 times — it’s a very catchy tune, from a talented, superstar band. But it also features lyrics that are not exactly friendly…

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