1. Neoconservative Christians and the crisis in Iraq

    Neoconservative Christians and the crisis in Iraq


    Artur Rosman asks hawkish Catholics to take stock of the devastation in Iraq:

    There were actually major centers of Christianity in both North Africa and the Middle East–regions presently exclusively associated with Islam. These regions were eventually decimated by the rise of Islam and its clashes with the West and Byzantium. What we are seeing today is not the beginning of the end for this…

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  2. Things nobody says, #1

    'When I get old I'm joining all the civic orders; Kiwanis, Rotarians, Odd Fellows, Lions, Masons, all that shit. I'll have more pins on my hat than a Vietnam vet and drink Bud Light in cinder-block chapter halls five nights a week.'


  3. Sacred Harp 318: ‘Present Joys’

    We thank the Lord of heav’n and earth,
    Who hath preserved us from our birth.

    For present joys, for blessings past,
    And for the hope of heav’n at last.

    Redeemed us oft from death and dread,
    And with Thy gifts our table spread,

    For present joys, for blessings past,
    And for the hope of heav’n at last.

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  5. "Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape."
    — Burroughs

  6. "God in his providence has placed us in a remote part of the world, and if our brethren in other countries “fall out by the way,” we will endeavour to reconcile them, but we will not become partners in their quarrels. They have a right to choose their own governments, and manage their own affairs, without our interference. God does not call us to war. We are not attacked nor endangered; until we are, we have no right to spill our own blood, or that of our children. Let us then “study the things that make for peace.” Let us unite in repressing those restless spirits who cannot see a quarrel going on without inserting themselves in it. Let us be ready constantly to exert our good offices in bringing about peace; and let us devoutly pray that God would hasten the time when “wars shall cease from the earth,” and the peaceful kingdom of Jesus Christ, which breathes nothing but good will to men, shall universally prevail."

  7. Has the Jefferson statehood movement stalled?

    OSS Jefferson State 2

    That was the narrative coming off this series of votes, which saw a union-backed opposition defeat the referendum in Del Norte County, even though the one in Tehama County passed.

    The Shasta County supervisors voted down a Jefferson proposal last month too, but according to this letter in the Redding Record-Searchlight, the room wasn’t happy about it:

    I went to the Shasta County Board of…

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  8. Buzzfeed and the War Party

    My latest at TheDC:

    Ben Smith appears to have been convinced by one of the neoconservatives’ top operators that neoconservative is no longer a useful label, and has now endorsed that person’s replacement term. Quite a trick, isn’t it? Imagine Lila Rose convincing the Associated Press to start using “pro-life” again and you’ll get a sense of the journalistic malfeasance at work.

    Jamie Weinstein,…

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  9. "The ‘return’ to the lost, the excluded, the failed or destroyed, is not an option for the saint, but the very heart of saintliness. And we might think not only of Jesus’s parable of the shepherd, but of the great theological myth of the Descent into Hell, in which God’s presence in the world in Jesus is seen as his journey into the furthest deserts of despair and alienation. It is the supreme image of his freedom, to go where he is denied and forgotten; he shows his inexhaustible mercy for all by identifying even with the lost."
    — Rowan Williams, The Truce of God (via ayjay)

  10. Nationalism


    Let us not speak badly of nationalism.
    Without the virulence of nationalism, Europe and the world would already be ruled by a technical, rational, uniform empire.
    Let us give credit to nationalism for two centuries, at least, of spiritual spontaneity, of free expression of the national soul, of rich historical diversity.
    Nationalism was the last spasm of the individual before the gray death awaiting it.

    - Nicolas Gomez Davila